Immersion Bath

This is a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable therapy that gives lasting relief from pain and stress. It is effective on many levels simultaneously, as the warm water soothes and relaxes, the jets promote circulation, colors can be chosen for various effects, and essential oils of selected herbs are added to deliver a wide array of desired outcomes.

Because of its versatility and enjoyable effects, this treatment can be tailored to suit almost any patient.

New immersion bath technology from Germany contains an oil dispersion nozzle which atomizes botanicals and essential oils added to the bath water. This process provokes a thousandfold expansion of the oil surface so that it can be absorbed intensively by the skin. A specially designed bubble mat keeps mixing the water and herbal oils around you while allowing the bath to take place in quiet comfort. Human Nature Natural Health's bath solutions are all-natural herbal formulas, containing no synthetic chemicals.