Colon Irrigation

Colonic irrigation has played a central role in natural therapy since the first medical records were kept. Pressed into ancient Babylonian cuneiforms are found the earliest known descriptions of a form of primitive colonic irrigation using hollow reeds to introduce water into the colon.
Although the technology has improved greatly, we find to this day that this simple approach to detoxification is very effective in alleviating a great variety of conditions. It is especially indicated in the treatment of fatigue, muscle and joint pain, skin conditions such as eczema and acne, and autoimmune conditions.

The treatment is simple. Purified water is introduced into the colon through a disposable speculum. Water pressure is monitored and controlled by the attending doctor or nurse. The water mixes with the contents of the colon, leading to a series of “releases” of material into the waste hose. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and are generally painless. Many patients report a feeling of lightness and enhanced well-being afterward.

Our colon hydrotherapy equipment is a state-of-the-art machine, imported from Canada; FDA approved for safety and reliability. It uses a 3-Stage Water Purification System on each unit - sediment and carbon filtration plus Ultra Violet sterilization to insure that only pure water is used. An Automatic Temperature Control thermostatic precision valve and dedicated hot water heater insures that the water stays at the temperature set by your nurse for your treatment. Along with a private individual bathrooms in each colonic room, you are guaranteed a safe, professional experience.

The best cleansing therapy, colon irrigation is effective in alleviating a great variety of conditions. The perfect procedure to detoxify the major organs of elimination including the colon and lymphatic system, and restore normal bowel function. We prescribe it for fatigue, autoimmune conditions,muscle and joint pain, skin conditions such as eczema, and any condition associated with a build-up of toxicity or chemicals.