Conditions We Treat

Using our Individualized Constitutional Medicinesm approach, we're always focused on treating the whole person, and therefore there are very few conditions we can't treat in order to help people experience better health.

Some of our particular areas of focus are listed below.
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Immune system dysregulation is at the core of most chronic disease. We focus on helping the body regulate the immune response in diseases such as arthritis, lupus, eczema, psoriasis etc.

Safe, compassionate, and cutting edge care to ensure that you and your family have access to the most modern and effective natural cancer therapies available today.

More Than An Infection. Lyme Disease needs to be treated as a Multi-System Infection, Inflammation and Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Only by addressing each damaged system can the person truly heal from Lyme Disease and return to a normal life.

A common genetic variant that can affect multiple systems, MTHFR status is important to understand

Pediatrics to Geriatrics, we love working with you to ensure the best health throughout your lifespan.

As a member of the Dietary Research Foundation, Dr. Bier has spent over 15 years researching and publishing on the interaction between nutrition and cognition, behavior, and intelligence