The letter G denotes the presence of the glycoprotein D-galactosamine in the BioPhenotype. This type is commonly known as blood type B, although the markers are on every cell in your body, not just on the red blood cells, and often free floating in your fluids (stomach acid, saliva etc)

People of this BioPhenotype tend to be analytical and methodical in their approach to problem solving. They have a natural affinity for order and systems, and are uncomfortable in work situations that are run haphazardly. They are easily bored by repetition, and enjoy seeking new challenges to stimulate their gift in problem solving. They do best when they have authority and free reign to put their talents to work, and are often quite successful in business. They are characterized by a sort of healthy skepticism that questions everything, and asks pointed questions until they thoroughly understand and are either in agreement or disagreement. They thrive when they run their own company or departments in larger firms and are able to creatively problem solve.

Many people of this type find that other people often quickly feel comfortable around them. You may find that strangers or people you barely know open up readily to you and listen to your advice. Many type G people are naturally drawn to counseling professions for this reason.

Exercise can be moderately vigorous for this type, although they are not quite as sturdy as people of the F BioPhenotype. Likewise, they can benefit from yoga or tai chi if they prefer. This same flexibility is seen in the diet, which can accommodate animal protein, although not in the same proportion as the F, or can tend more toward vegetarianism.