About Us

Our ultimate goal is for you
to have a thorough understanding of
The Unique Individual That Is You.

Contact us to learn why Individualized Constitutional Medicine is your best path to health.

We try and make our approach as logical and simple as possible to give you that understanding of your body.

Your Constitutional Type is the crucial piece to knowing what foods, supplements and exercises are necessary for your health. Together, your BioPhenotype and you Elemental Profile give us the keys to understanding your Constitutional Type.

Our Approach

An Individualized Approach As Unique As You Are!sm

At Human Nature Natural Health, we practice true holistic medicine. Our doctors draw freely from a variety of traditions and are not bound or limited by any single approach or paradigm. All are grounded in traditional, therapy-based naturopathy enhanced by the BioPhenotype theory, an understanding of your Elemental Type, as well as the new evidence-based approach to naturopathic medicine espoused by modern naturopathic schooling and research.

We consider ourselves to be a community resource when it comes to natural therapies. Our therapies are available not only to our patients, but we are glad to take referrals from other health care practitioners who may feel that their patients could benefit from the healing power of our array of modalities. The public is also invited to make use of our facilities. A screening visit with one of our doctors is the only requirement to make sure that the therapies you desire will be safe and beneficial for you.

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Diagnostic Approach

At Human Nature Natural Health we practice true holistic medicine. We look at each patient from multiple perspectives and paradigms to determine where they may be experiencing dysfunction, and how we can most efficiently and effectively intervene to help and encourage the body to repair, regenerate and heal.

We start with determining the BioPhenotype , blood-type markers on the surface of every cell in the body that provide an understanding of some of the basic nutritional and lifestyle needs and immune system set-up of the body. It is well established in the medical literature that different blood types have a greater or lesser incidence of certain diseases.

Next we look at the Elemental Type of the patient. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Homeopathic Medicine all provide viewpoints on different Constitutional Types, and what foods and therapies might help, or even be harmful to them. This knowledge of the Elemental Type is layered on top of the understanding of the patient given by the BioPhenotype .

We then examine the function of the organ systems of the body through a unique set of physical examinations, and a thorough medical history. Any weakened system in the body, be it low thyroid function, adrenal exhaustion, or unstable blood sugar regulation needs to be taken into account in creating a more complete picture of the patient’s health.

Finally we consider the symptoms or disease that the person is presenting with. Is there diabetes, migraines, or cancerous cells? Or is the person relatively healthy and just working to stay symptom and disease free.

These layers provide us with a unique picture of what each individual patient requires when they first come to us, and as they heal. Taken together your doctor can determine what foods, nutrients and therapies are prescribe for each individual at each stage in their healing process.

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Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach focuses on the three crucial areas for healing:

  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Nutritional Supplement Suggestions
  • Treatment Suggestions
  • Dietary Guidelines

    Diet is the core of your health guidelines. The old saying 'you are what you eat' does hold true. When a person eats properly from the beginning, then health is sustained. However diet functions much like maintenance does; if everything in the house is functioning properly, then routine maintenance keeps it going.

    At HNNH we prescribe foods specifically for each individual based on their BioPhenotype , Elemental Type , Organ system function, and Disease State as detailed in our Diagnostic Approach. Foods that are nourishing for one person, may be inappropriate or even harmful to another. Others may be perfect when you're in a state of good health, but wrong for you right now. It is crucial for the doctor to recommend the foods that will cause no damage and are appropriate for where your health is right now.

    However, once there is a dysfunction in the system, maintenance is no longer enough. Now we have to give the body what it needs to 'fix' the problem. That is the role of the nutritional supplements.

    Nutritional Supplement Suggestions

    Nutritional supplements are used to give the body what it needs to repair organs and dysfunctions in the body. Vitamins, minerals, glandulars and herbs all have a role to play in helping the body correct underlying weaknesses. Our custom formulated supplements allow us to individualize supplement prescriptions for each patient according to their BioPhenotype and current condition. Many of our supplements are in vegetable based capsules, for ease of digestion, and for those patients with concerns about animal products.

    Treatment Suggestions

    Therapies are the cornerstone of our practice, and the most effective way to help the body repair and cleanse. We have one of the widest varieties of natural treatments available.

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Our Philosophy

In our daily practice of natural medicine, we are guided by precepts as old as time, yet as current as the present moment. These are:

We are each responsible for our own health. No-one can heal you, but you can heal yourself.

Your health is in every way related to the way you are living your life. If there are problems with your health, look to the way you are living. Is your life balanced between work, rest and play? Do you judge yourself and others harshly? Do you frequently find that you are angry, resentful, jealous or depressed? Is your diet abundant in fresh, wholesome foods? Do you fill your lungs with fresh air and bask in the sunshine regularly? Do you find meaning and purpose in your daily life?

If you want to change your health, change your life.

The doctor is a guide, facilitator and teacher. No doctor can tell you whether you will recover, what your limitations will be, or whether you will live or die. All such prognoses are based on statistics. You are not a statistic, you are a unique individual.

The workings of nature reveal the unfolding of wisdom. As you are part of nature, your body has wisdom. We strive to work with your body in its effort to heal and balance itself.

Symptoms give voice to mute issues. They’re trying to tell you that your life is out of balance in some way. They also guide our doctors in understanding how best to help you.

Your body, mind and spirit are indivisible. What happens to any part of you affects the whole of you. For this reason, we never just treat symptoms, we must always focus on the whole person.

Each person is born with a constitution. Understanding your constitution and its implications helps our doctors interpret your overall condition, how you will typically fall out of balance, and what you specifically require in order to enjoy the highest level of health available to you.

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Our Promise

We pledge to listen and learn what we need to know about you,
in order to give you the best possible natural care;
bearing in mind that you are a whole person and not just a stranger
with an illness or other health problem.

We promise to be as committed as you are to your health and well being.
We will always do our best to guide you to the best possible health
no matter what your starting condition.

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How Are We Different?

When a patient visits a doctor, the first question usually asked is, "What brings you here to see me today?" This is a question never asked in our Comprehensive New Patient Exam. The patient typically responds with a history of pain, limitation, disability, etc. These are all symptoms. If we treat the symptoms, you may feel better for a while, but the underlying problem hasn't been resolved. Once the treatment wears off, the symptoms return. Symptoms are not the problem, they are merely the body's method of letting you know that something is wrong. If we conduct our examinations without knowing the symptoms, it keeps our minds free to discover the underlying weaknesses that are actually causing the problem.

Our diagnostic methods lead us to information about the underlying problems that you won't find in many places. While we are versed in interpreting the latest laboratory and imaging findings offered by modern technical medicine, we are also adept in discovering valuable information from your body itself. Your pulse tells us about the current state of your body. Your biophenotype and constitution tell us much about you. There is information about the state of your inner organs that can be seen in the iris of your eye. Even your fingernails can tell us about your state of health. Pressure points on the abdomen tell us more. We gather all of this information before we know your history and symptoms. We can then focus our treatments on correcting the underlying problems as revealed in the examination.

Our method of treatment is different as well. We recognize that your health is inseparable from your way of living. If you wish to transform your health, transform your way of life. Our comprehensive treatment plans of dietary changes, exercise recommendations, nutritional supplements and natural therapies guide you in making changes that will bring about lasting health in abundance.

The difference is in the details. When you walk into our office, you will notice that the air seems as fresh as a mountain top. That's because of our investment in a sanuvox air treatment system, which destroys 99% of pollutants and biological contaminants in our air. We also invested in low volatile organic compound (VOC) construction and materials, so that people who are environmentally sensitive can feel safe and comfortable here, and all of our patients and staff can relax knowing that they are in a clean and pollutant-free haven that is dedicated to healing in a natural way.

The difference is in our staff. We have carefully drawn together a group of people who are dedicated to natural healing, and dedicated to service. Human Nature Natural Health exists to help you attain the best possible health. Our staff knows that we all, whether we're the person who answers your phone call or the doctor who prescribes your treatment plan, play a role in helping you achieve this goal.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment, and find out the difference for yourself!

BioPhenotype-What is it?

BioPhenotype - The Unique Biochemistry of You

Biology: (from Greek - βίος, bios, "life"; , -logia, study of) is the natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms

Phenotype: The entire physical, biochemical and physiological makeup of an individual as determined both genetically and environmentally

More details on the characteristics of each BioPhenotype can be found here.

Every cell in your body is surrounded by a membrane that is coated with specific chemical markers, called glycoproteins. Collectively, these markers are called the glycocalyx, or sugar coating, by biologists; chemical sugar molecules projecting out from the surface of every cell. Biologists are interested in them because they are discovering that they play key roles in the functions of the cell and your body as a whole. These sugar molecules intermingle as cells touch each other, and every molecule that enters the cell, be it nutrient or chemical pollutant, contacts them first. They are known to affect cell to cell communication, and they interact with the immune system as well.

We at Human Nature Natural Health are also interested in them, as we have learned to use knowledge of some of these sugars as a guide in learning about you and how your body functions. You may already be familiar with one aspect of it - your blood type is actually a cell surface sugar, a chemical marker found on each cell. You have up to two million molecules of your blood type sugar per cell, and even free floating in the blood, saliva and every fluid in your body. Nature obviously went to some trouble to put them there, and it’s natural to assume that they have a role to play in how your body functions. Part of how the immune system recognizes self from non-self, what it's supposed to leave alone from what it's supposed to attack, is through these cell surface markers. Research in the medical literature has recognized since the 1920's that there is a difference in distribution of certain diseases according to the different blood types.

We are calling any known aspect of your total cell surface markers that can help us identify key information about you your BioPhenotype. Our years working with the blood-type system at the D’Adamo Institute have taught us that these blood type markers can help guide us in understanding how you interact with foods and exercise, and even how you process information and handle stress. Over time more cell surface sugars have been identified that will help us further refine and add to our understanding of the BioPhenotype and how it relates to your individual health and needs.

This information, along with all the other gathered in our initial examination, is then used in our conceptual model of health and healing, in order to provide each patient with the most individualized therapeutic advice for nutrition, lifestyle and treatment options.

More details on the characteristics of each BioPhenotype can be found here.

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Elemental Balance - What is it?

Elemental Balance - Understanding Your Bodytype to Understand the Unique You!

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

Understanding your Elemental Balance, also called your constitution in some systems, not only helps your doctor gain greater insight into your individual requirements for enjoying the best possible level of health available to you, it also helps you understand yourself and your tendencies in a way that has been useful, reliable and accurate in various cultures for thousands of years. The Elemental Type draws heavily on the wisdom of Ayurveda, the natural medical system that has been in place in India for millennia, the insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Unani (the humoral system of ancient Greece) and the somatotyping system devised by the American psychologist William Sheldon in the 1950’s. We are utilizing ancient wisdom while employing modern language so that you don’t have to translate unfamiliar terms such as vata, pitta, kapha, yin and yang and so on in order to follow the discussion.

The primary insight offered by the above-mentioned systems is that health is a dynamic, ever-changing state of balance between the natural forces inherent in your body and those of the environment in which you live. In the system as we are describing it, we seek balance between the elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The Elements stand for active principles found in all of nature. Air represents all gases, as well as the space occupied by the natural world. It is also the force that creates all movement. Fire is heat and light, and also the dynamic force that transforms. Water encompasses all liquids, and also acts as the glue that binds all phenomena together. Earth is solidity, structure, mass and volume.

Another powerful insight offered by the Elemental Type is that it guides the experienced observer in gauging the innate balance of the elements represented in your individual body. For example, an Air-dominant person will have a slight, bony frame, long, thin face with prominent cheekbones, and a tendency toward anxiety, forgetfulness and a sense of being socially awkward. The Fire type typically has a medium build, heart-shaped face, and is competitive, aggressive and irritable. Water people are round in shape, voluptuous if not over-weight, with large and expressive eyes and lips. This type tends to be easy-going, relaxed and emotional. The Earth build is stout and massive with square features, a thick neck and a big jaw. The Earth personality often reflects a steady, dependable nature with tendencies toward stubbornness, determination, and rigidity.

For a lengthy and detailed discussion of the Elemental Type and bringing balance into your life, click here.

Our Doctors & Staff

Caring, compassion, trust and a healing relationship.
We take great care to make every visit
to Human Nature Natural Health a healing experience.

At Human Nature Natural Health we take great pride in our facility, equipment, philosophy and expertise. You will find that our doctors and staff are always ready and willing to serve you in a courteous, patient and friendly manner. That's our pledge to you.

Our doctors and clinical staff work together in a team approach to provide you with the highest level of care possible.

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Ian D. Bier, N.D., Ph.D., L.Ac.

To book an appointment with Dr. Bier, or for more information , please contact us.

Ian D. Bier, N.D., Ph.D., L.Ac.
Dr. Bier is a naturopathic doctor and a licensed acupuncturist. He began his undergraduate work in Chemistry with a specialization in Biochemistry before transferring to Bastyr University, where he earned a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. He completed a residency in Family Practice at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and earned a Ph.D. in Human Services with a focus on Therapeutic Nutrition from Capella University.
Dr. Bier is an active member of the Oncological Association of Naturopathic Physicians, a professional association of naturopathic physicians and doctors who work with people living with cancer.
He is also Medical Director of the Dietary Research Foundation, a research organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of the interaction between human nutrition and cognition, behavior, and intelligence. He has a special interest in working with children with behavioral and learning issues.
Dr. Bier worked at the Bastyr University Research Institute, and was an Associate Professor of Research, an Assistant Professor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, as well as Interim Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Faculty at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

He trained with Dr. James D’Adamo, the founder of the Blood Typing theory of human nutrition, for almost 20 years, working at the D’Adamo Institute for the Advancement of Natural Therapies in Portsmouth, NH for 11 years, where he practiced and was involved in research furthering the association between blood types and differing nutritional needs.

He has served as a Board member of the Society for Acupuncture Research, a Member of the International Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and as a grant reviewer for the National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the United States National Institutes of Health. Dr. Bier is the author of papers on subjects ranging from nutrition in Parkinson’s Disease, the application of therapeutic intravenous nutrition, and the effects of nutrition on cognition and intelligence.

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Joanne Fortier, RN

Joanne Fortier, RN
Joanne graduated from CMMC School of Nursing obtaining her RN in 1983 after spending 10 years in the banking industry. Most of her nursing career was spent in the hospital setting where she worked in every department but spent most of her time in the ICU or ER. She is board certified in emergency medicine, which only 10% of RNs are.

She is also a graduate of the Core Institute of Evolutionary Therapy (1998) in NYC and is certified as a psychotherapist. She always felt something was lacking in western medicine and feels she has found a home at HNNH, where her passion for preventative health and holistic natural healing can resonate.

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Francesca Ciani, LMT

Francesca Ciani, LMT
Francesca graduated from The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing (Santa Fe, New Mexico) in 2006. Her private practice named 'The Gift Massage and Bodywork', was first created in Santa Fe, New Mexico before relocating to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Her massage therapy experience includes working under medical settings with physicians, chiropractors, and other health practitioners. She offers an array of therapeutic and medical massage modalities. Francesca is nationally certified, licensed massage therapist for the states of NH and NM, and active member of AMTA.

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Laura P. Moore, N.D., MSAOM, L.Ac.

Laura P. Moore, N.D., MSAOM, L.Ac.
Practicing out of the Human Nature Natural Health facilities, Dr. Laura Moore is a board-certified, licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. She received both her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry.

Following graduation, Dr. Moore completed an intensive residency program at the True North Health Center in California, an in-patient facility focusing on Natural Hygiene, medically-supervised fasting and nutrition as a means to treat chronic illness. Her post-graduate studies focused on advanced training and certification in Environmental Medicine and Detoxification, Functional Medicine, IV Nutritional Therapy, Sound & Vibrational Healing and Constitutional Facial Acupuncture. She is also a graduate of the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Diagnosis, an intensive, year-long experiential program in hands-on energy work and intuitive healing. Dr. Moore holds licenses in New Hampshire and the State of California. She is an active member of her state and national professional associations and currently serves on the NH board of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine.

Dr. Moore blends a scientific background in Biochemistry, diagnostics and naturopathic medicine with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and modern forms of energy medicine. She specializes in environmental medicine, detoxification and integrative healthcare. Her practice is an integration of eastern and western natural medicine, helping individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness in a relevant and effective manner.

You can contact Dr. Moore directly to set up a consultation or appointment by phone at (603) 969-8148 or by e-mail at drlpmoore@yahoo.com.

Our Facility

155 Borthwick Ave, West Suite 102
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-610-7778 fax: 603-610-7787

A great amount of thought and care went into every facet of the design of our new facility to provide you with a calm, clean, convenient, low-chemical healing environment.

On-site parking - free, ample parking, right in front of our door.

Everything conveniently located on one level.

Low chemical construction minimizes any chemical off-gassing.

Highest level air quality - We invested in the Sanuvox in duct UV air purifier. This air treatment system destroys biological & chemical contaminants such as mold, bacteria, spores, viruses, allergens, odors, fumes, Volatile Organic Compounds and thousands of other airborne contaminants with no chemicals or ozone.


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Driving Directions

Human Nature Natural Health is easily accessible by major highways in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. The closest airports are Boston Logan International and Manchester Boston Regional Airport .

When you get to our facility, we are located on the West side of the building. Drive in to the drive-way and go all around the building to the far side, where you can park for free and walk right in.

Traveling north:

Take I-95 North to Exit 3, the first Portsmouth exit. Turn right onto Route 33 eastbound. Proceed about 600 feet to the traffic light and make a left turn. The road veers to the right and becomes Borthwick Avenue. Follow Borthwick Avenue to 155 Borthwick Avenue on the left.

Traveling south:

Take I-95 South to Exit 3B, the last Portsmouth exit. Turn right onto Route 33 eastbound. Cross over I-95 and proceed about 600 feet to the traffic light and make a left turn. The road veers to the right and becomes Borthwick Avenue. Follow Borthwick Avenue to 155 Borthwick Avenue on the left.

Traveling east on Routes 4 and 16:

US-4 E becomes NH-16 S. Enter the Portsmouth Traffic Circle, travel half-way around the circle and follow signs for Route 1 By-pass South. Take a right onto Borthwick Avenue. 155 Borthwick Avenue is on the right past Portsmouth Regional Hospital.